New S FL trend: Botox under 30

(WFLX) - Getting Botox under the age of 30 may sound crazy, but it's actually a growing trend in South Florida.

Liz Plummer invited some friends over to learn about Botox, and, if they feel brave enough, to get the procedure done.

Liz has gotten Botox several times over the past three years, and she's only 28. "I've been making this terrible face since I was a little girl. Anytime I didn't get my way, I'd do this [scowls], and so, over the years I had a frown line, and it started to bother me, probably started to bother me when I was 20, 21."

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Greg DeLange says he's seeing more young women, like Liz, come into his office for Botox.

His youngest patient was just 19 years old. "Quite commonly, women will have wrinkles at an early age. They will form frown lines; they'll form little crows feet and little forehead lines. Some women have a lot, and some women don't have any. The ones that are bothered by it, come in early."

Doctors say this trend among younger women just started over the past couple of years. They say the main reason behind it is to take preventative action. "We can basically stop the clock, so you don't have to reverse the clock years down the road," explained Dr. DeLange. "The doctor should take their time evaluating the patient, and not give unrealistic expectations and definitely not sell them or push them to do things that aren't any good."

It costs about $300 per area of your face, and the effects last up to six months.

Doctors say it's safe when done correctly. "Looking good is part of our lifestyle here," concluded Dr. DeLange.

It costs about $300 per area of your face, and for these young women, it's worth the money.

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