Braille Club members upset about risque flier

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - The Braille Club in West Palm Beach on South Dixie has been serving the blind for nearly a century.

Members at the club were shocked to learn fliers were going around town advertising the club with women in bathing suits and alcohol.

One of the flyers said the Braille Club has a "Freaky Friday" and "Wild-N-Out Saturday". "This is our Braille Club, and it is making us look really bad," Braille Club Vice President Beulah Taylor said.

Braille Club President Larry McDowell says he rents out the club for baby showers and graduation parties.

He thought that was the kind of party a woman interested in renting the space would be having. "She asked me, 'Can I bring my stuff over?' I thought it was party favors and paper plates and things like that. It was actually coolers with alcohol," McDowell said.

Renee Pierre says she is the person who made the fliers, and, she says, she is a party promoter who rented out the space. "I did not know that braille had to do with blind people. I noticed the owner was blind, but that doesn't mean everyone who walks in there is blind," Pierre said.

Pierre says she was not intending to have a wild party, and there was no alcohol; however, the fliers clearly show alcohol bottles and say "drinks free until 11 p.m."

"It was not going to be a strip club. It is not like that. I don't have a license," Pierre said.

McDowell is relieved he learned about the party before it happened and was able to cancel it. "I'm not sure she understood what she was doing," McDowell said.

But Taylor thinks Pierre was trying to take advantage. "I think she was trying to take advantage of us being blind and knowing that it is owned and operated by blind people," Taylor said.

Pierre insists it was not going to be a wild party. "I apologize to them. I really do," Pierre said.

On the fliers, the parties were advertised for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

Pierre says she was not going to charge people to get inside, but one of the fliers says "Guys $10".

Braille Club President Larry McDowell says from now on, they will screen people more carefully before renting out the facility.

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