Friend: Mom of slain teens seemed 'off'

Published: Jan. 14, 2014 at 10:32 AM EST|Updated: Jan. 14, 2014 at 11:07 AM EST
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By Jeff Skrzypek

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - West Palm Beach Police have taken down the crime scene tape surrounding the home where investigators found three dead bodies. 

Two of the people found dead were confirmed by investigators as Alexander Berman, 16, and his sister Jacqueline, 15.

Both attended the Dreyfoos School of the Arts in West Palm Beach. 

Their bodies were found by their father, Richard Berman, Monday morning. 

Their mother, Jennifer Berman, appeared "off" recently, according to neighbor Marian Sklodowski, who lives across the street. "The last time, compared to the first time, something was missing. Something was missing. What was missing, I don't know," said Sklodowski. 

Just two days ago, when Sklodowski last saw and spot Jennifer Berman, he said, she appeared upset, disappointed and confused. "You can notice that, from the face, from the eyes, something was strange in her face," said Sklodowski. 

Just across the street, neighbor Sheren Kirk also noticed something was not right as of late. "It's shocking that it happened, but, I think, they had a lot of stress," said Kirk. "There's been a divorce; there's been financial problems." 

A few houses down from Kirk, resident Tim Frank said after the divorce, Jennifer Berman seemed distraught about the future and her kids. "She anticipated that it was going to be very tough for her to move on," said Frank.

When he last spoke to Jennifer Berman, Frank said, she seemed to be on track with both a new job and housing.

"We thought she had turned a corner. We thought it was getting better. We knew there were problems but didn't think they were anywhere as serious as what would have developed," said Frank. 

The father of the victims, Richard Berman, was interviewed by police. 

Investigators said they do not have any suspects and the two victims appeared to have died from gunshot wounds.

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