Ft. Pierce food victims still waiting to go home

By Jon Shainman

FORT PIERCE, FL (WFLX) - In the six years Dawn Mohr has lived in the Colony Court Apartments, she has dealt with flooding four times before. But last week's was the worst she's experienced.

"This time it was two feet deep in the apartment," said Mohr.

Pictures and videos show water up to the toilets and sloshing through kitchens. So Mohr and her son have come back to gather up their two birds and Bella the ferret.

"I had to get them out of there, I just couldn't handle the smell."

Her destination is a shelter at the other end of town run by In the Image Of Christ. Director Hazel Hoylman has never seen this many families in need at once.

"Our part we play is to give them that place of safety, that place of refuge," said Hoylman.

A sense of normalcy perhaps as well.  A school bus rumbling in during the morning hours to take the children to school. Inside, Red Cross workers trying to figure out the next places for these families to go.

"It's difficult.  I'm 4-and-a-half months into a high risk pregnancy and I have a 6-year-old," said Jakkia Whitehead.

As Dawn Mohr makes one more pass through her home late Monday she spies a toy in a waterlogged bin.  An apt image of how she's feeling right now with so much uncertainty.

"I honestly don't know it could be another day, it could be the rest of the week.  They don't know," Mohr sighed

St. Lucie County Code Enforcement sent a building inspector out Monday to talk with the landlord about the proper permits needed to proceed.

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