Fecal bacteria closes Jupiter beach

JUPITER, FL (WFLX) - The beach of Dubois Park in Jupiter was closed Tuesday night after scientists with the Florida Department of Health found unsafe levels of a fecal bacteria in the water. 

Health workers issued a "no swimming advisory" for the beach park when traces of Enterocicci were discovered in the latest round of water tests. 

The advisory meant seasonal residents, like Crystal Sage and her two kids, could not cool off in the water. "That is kind of a shock because the water is usually really clean around here," said Sage. 

The Sage family escaped the frigid temperatures of their home in Virginia only to get to warm South Florida and find out they could not swim at one of their favorite spots. "The kids want to be in the water as much as possible. So I can see where it will be an issue," said Sage. 

Tim O'Connor with the Florida Department of Health said with it being cold for the last few weeks, animals like birds flock to Dubois where they then do their business. "Obviously, you can't see bacteria, except through a microscope, and nobody is going to take a microscope swimming, I hope. But it'll look very appealing," said O'Connor. 

Enterococci generally is not deadly said O'Connor. But, he said, anyone with open wounds, a compromised immune system and children are at risk. 

Sage said she will be listening and following the latest warning. "I'll just find a new spot until everything gets straightened out," said Sage.

The state health department said it will continue to test over the next few days, and hopes it will clear up in that time.

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