WPB police close surgery clinic

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Four people are facing charges they ran an unlicensed cosmetic surgery clinic in downtown West Palm Beach.

A Palm Beach County Multi-Agency Task force made the arrests Thursday at Health and Beauty Cosmetic Surgery at 307 Evernia St , Suite 200 West Palm Beach.

A former patient says two people performed cosmetic surgery on her without being licensed to perform medicine in Florida, according to the arrest report.

Juan Carlos Pinzon and Jorge Nayid Alarcon were the employees who did the surgery, according to the complainant.

Investigators say both Pinzon and Alarcon claim to be physicians in their native Columbia however neither is licensed in Florida.

The alleged victim, according to investigators, is now permanently disfigured as a result of her cosmetic surgery.

The surgery facility does have one licensed doctor on staff according to the task force.  He was identified as Dr. William Marrocco.

Dr. Marrocco along with Jorge Nayid Alarcon, Juan Carlos Pinzon and Monica Diaz were all arrested.

They have been charged with practicing health care without a license and causing serious bodily injury.

Anyone who may be a victim of Health and Beauty Cosmetic Surgery is asked to call 561-681-4400.

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