Family's dream home turns into nightmare

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL (WFLX) - A man's dream home in Port St. Lucie has become a nightmare. His home sits on the future site of a six lane road.

The Crosstown Parkway has been decades in the making, but Robert Reyes only found out about it after he moved in. "I retired in August of last year, and we were deciding where we wanna live, and we decided to pick Port St. Lucie," says homeowner Robert Reyes.

Robert and Brenda Reyes picked a home on West Virginia Avenue. "We bought the house February 13," says Robert Reyes, "Nobody told us anything. The seller didn't tell us anything. The real estate agent didn't tell us anything."

The Reyes' didn't know about the Crosstown Parkway. The road has been talked about for decades. Neighbors have received letters about it for years. The six-lane road will be built on West Virginia Avenue and will include a bridge connecting it to the other side of Port St. Lucie. "The neighbors came and asked us why we buying this house and we asked them what are you talking about," says Robert Reyes, "They told us there's a road and a bridge being built right here."

The past month has been a nightmare for the family. "It's very hurtful," says Brenda Reyes, "Now you have to start the whole process over, and I'm sitting here but this is not my home. I can't call this my home."

The Reyes asked real estate agent at Platinum Properties why he never told them their house was going to be acquired by the state to build the road. "I did call him, and he just said, 'Oh well -- life goes on. If they take your property, they're gonna give your money back'," says Robert Reyes.

They're now in limbo. They don't know when they have to leave or how much the state will give them for the house.

The family has hired a lawyer. "We're in the dark right now," says Robert Reyes, "The city won't tell us anything, and this meeting was just useless."

The house next to the Reyes family has a 'For Sale' sign outside. Robert Reyes says every time he sees someone looking at that house, he warns them about the Crosstown Parkway.

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