Community steps up to help hoarder clean up

PALM SPRINGS, FL (WFLX) - Volunteers have stepped up to help a hoarder clean up and clean out his Palm Springs home.

Les Carte, the owner of the home, had to be cut out of his bedroom on April 9 when he fell because fire crews said there was no room to bring a stretcher inside the home.

J.A. Daniel management brought in its entire crew and a dump truck to move almost everything inside.

It is not an easy job; it smells, and there is food and trash everywhere.

But workers say they were thinking of the man who was rescued because he may have nowhere to go when he gets out of the hospital. "We try to help. We are local. We all grew up here all my guys grew up here. We try to help any way we can. We see events in other states and we would love to help but it is too far. If it is in our backyard we have to do it," said Josh Daniel with J.A. Daniel Management.

Homeowner Carte says he will be released from the hospital soon, but is worried he will not be able to return home because of code violations. Authorities turned off the power and a building inspector must approve changes before it is turned back on. "I'm ecstatic for all the help we are getting. Just look at what these guys are doing for Les. Thank God for them," Carte's friend Cathy Puhulick said.

Puhulick says there is still a lot of work to be done before a building inspectior can look at the home.

The cleanup will continue throughout the week.

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