Four children shocked in swimming pools

(WFLX) - Is your pool safe? That's the question many people are asking after two cases in Miami where four children were shocked at swimming pools. One boy was killed. Three others were injured.

We asked a professional for some tips for people who have swimming pools.

Wade Pridgen has always been around water. "With a name like Wade how far away from water was I gonna get," says Pridgen.

He owns a pool maintenance company called Reflection Pools of South Florida. He knows how important safety is.

"In 1971, 72, my niece was in a swimming pool accident down in Miami," says Pridgen.

In the last two weeks, four children has been shocked at swimming pools in the Miami area.  The exact cause has not been determined but some believe the pool light may be too blame.

Pridgen says the pool light system is typically very safe.  There are several safeguards in place in the electrical system to prevent injuries.  However, you should keep your pool maintained. Pridgen says make sure the pool light lens doesn't have water behind it.

The pool light is connected to the junction box which shouldn't have any wires sticking out.

"If that has a hole in it then water can get into that and that can make these things trip," says Pridgen.

The junction box leads to the transformer typically connected to the wall.

"Should be of a nice vanilla color," says Pridgen, "If it's showing rust, real bad rust that's a sign you might want it replaced".

Pridgen's best advice for pool owners is to call a professional if you need something repaired especially if it's electrical.

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