46 victims accused doctors of botched surgeries

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Several women who went to the Health and Beauty Cosmetic Surgery office for cosmetic procedures say they were left with life long scars from folks who they thought were licensed to do these procedures and now investigators believe there could be more victims from the local plastic surgery office.

The State Attorney's Office says they now have 46 victims who have accused the doctors of performing botched surgeries, and there could be thousands more. Juan Carlos Pinzon and his wife, Monica Daza, appeared before a judge Thursday facing new charges of practicing without a license and causing bodily harm.

They were arrested back in February after the state received complaints from the Department of Health. The two are doctors from Columbia but not licensed in Florida.

William Marrocco, who also worked at the cosmetic office, also appeared in court. He is the only licensed physician employed at Health and Beauty Cosmetic Surgery.

Attorneys say the majority of victims expressed a great deal of pain during the surgeries and are permanently scarred. "There are a number of victims who are permanently disfigured. As I stated in there, one victim, her belly button had to be removed based upon the poor procedures that were used in these cases", according to Assistant State Attorney Aaron Papero.

Attorneys are waiting on another employee also accused of practicing without a license. The State Attorney's Office has sent out more than 2,000 letters to potential victims and will start new cases as people continue to come forward.

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