Brewzzi evicted from City Place location

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - A popular City Place bar and restaurant was evicted after court records show Brewzzi was having trouble paying their $56,000 a month rent.

Brewzzi has more than 100 employees at their City Place location. Some of them showing up Wednesday morning only to find crews removing the Brewzzi signs and taking equipment and other items away.

Bar tenders at neighboring restaurants say Brewzzi was slammed with business late Tuesday night and the sudden closure came as a shock Wednesday morning. But according to court documents, Tuesday a judge ruled the owners of Brewzzi had to get out and if they didn't U.S. Marshals could come in and forcibly remove them.

The restaurant has been in the central City Place location for almost a decade. City Place management tells us they have worked for years to try and resolve the non payment issues with Brewzzi but they were not able to meet the terms of the lease agreement.

A spokesperson for Brewzzi told us they will appeal the judge's decision and hope to reopen. Brewzzi's Boca location remains open.

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