Celebrity Corner: Ingrid Michaelson

Published: Jul. 17, 2014 at 10:06 PM EDT
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Ingrid Michaelson
Ingrid Michaelson

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) She's the voice behind "Old Navy" commercials and several songs featured in "Grey's Anatomy" episodes, but really Ingrid Michaelson's quirky personality -- admitting she loves taking selfies in front of toilets -- and wittiness should earn her a spot centered stage in everything.

"I feel kind of like Lucy from 'I love Lucy' because I feel very silly and kind of goofy, but, at the same time, she's a really strong woman."

Snapping a toilet shelfie at WILD 95.5 before her mini concert, Michaelson is pleased she went in a different direction with her latest album 'Lights Out'. "I enlisted six different producers and 11 different writers. I decided I would finally trust other people to help me which is a very difficult thing for me to do."

She also entrusted her musically talented husband, Greg Laswell, to help her with the track "Wonderful Unknown". "It's very easy to get lumped into a husband-wife duo situation, and that's great if that's what you want. But, I think, we both really appreciate our own careers. But when we do collaborate, it's really fun."

Married since 2011, I asked if they were ready to expand their family beyond their pooch. "I've never had that feeling where I have to have children to be honest with you. I have glimpses of it, but it doesn't overwhelm me. I think because I have music; it's sort of like my baby somehow."

But being left on a deserted island, you never know, as she would bring these three things.

Michaelson: "I would bring my phone. Do I have Internet on this island?"
Leigh: "No, you're cut off."
Michaelson: "Ok, so an Internet router, my phone and my husband."
Leigh: "I was hoping you'd get the husband in."
Michaelson: "I should have said him first. Ok, husband, phone and Internet router."

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