Rock Solid: Fitness Re•defined

Rock Solid: Fitness Re•defined

KOOL 105.5's TA Walker and Fox 29's Rachel Leigh head to Fitness Re•defined in Jupiter. Rachel secretly signed them up for not one but two classes created by co-owner Marissa Lavin.

Classes are only 30 minutes long, no fluff as Marissa puts it, so it is perfect for someone who is having a hard time squeezing in an intense full body workout.

TA & Rachel started with "Metabolism" and finished with "Tabata", but Fitness Re•defined offers several other classes and personal training. Mention "Rock Solid" for a complimentary class at Fitness Re•defined.

Class Breakdown:

Metabolism [re•invented]
(super results booster)
Definition: Bored with cardio? Look no further. This is the ultimate interval training session that burns more calories that an entire hour on the elliptical or treadmill. Utilizing FR's exclusive mixed movement interval training technique, your body will never know what hit it. Beginner? Not to worry. Our expert coaches are trained to provide not only "modifications" (a term often misused and misunderstood in fitness) but strategic versions of exercises to ensure that you are training in a manner specific to you. No "generic" brands offered here!

TABATA Protocol [re•developed]
(secret weapon fat blaster)
Definition: FR's interpretation of a protocol used in a 1996 research study that transformed the way expert trainers approach cardio training for fat loss. Hint: Think FAST! Resistance training + cardio + muscular fatigue work= the ultimate fat burning workout. Whether you aim to drop pounds on the scale or firm up the flab, this class gets RESULTS!

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