The Spencers Live at The Lyric Theatre

Walk away from the Spencers' show and you'll be surprised at what you hear.  These masters of mystery never cease to amaze.  Kevin and Cindy Spencer have mastered an elusive quality that elevates an ordinary performance into the realm of inspired awe.  With charisma, their personalities travel beyond the stage lights to touch not only their viewers' inquisitive minds, but their hearts as well.

"They engage the audience," says Magda de la-Puete, Business Manager of the Tennessee Williams Theatre in Key West, FL.  "The audience laughs, cries, feels the suspense and, eventually, falls in love with this magical duet."

For more than a decade, Kevin and Cindy Spencer have entertained audiences throughout the United States and around the world with one of the most successful touring illusion shows in the nation.

They have earned the reputation as one of the most highly regarded acts in magical entertainment and one of the most sought-after illusion teams in the business.

Their show, Theatre of Illusion, is much more than a magic show.  It's a powerful theatrical experience that you will never forget.  What the Spencers create is "theatre" in the truest sense of the word.

You will cross over a threshold of disbelief only moments after the Spencers take the stage.  Theirs is a place where artistry and theatre converge; where intellect and amazement collide; and where impossibility and inspiration are inseparable.  Theatre of Illusion is a magical concert for your eyes!

By combining original theatrical elements with cutting-edge illusions, audience interaction, dramatic lighting, special effects, music, movement and stage magic, the Spencers have propelled the age-old art of magic into the 21st century.

Working with some of the leading creators and inventors in the magic industry, the Spencers feature
illusions that are guaranteed to take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions – and keep you on the edge of your seat!

For ticket information, call 772-286-7827 or visit the Lyric Theater online.