Drive-in plays "50 Shades of Grey" next to "SpongeBob"

Drive-in plays "50 Shades of Grey" next to "SpongeBob"

LAKE WORTH, FL (WFLX) - The movie racy, adult-themed story line of "Fifty Shades of Grey" has gained plenty of attention. But some young kids could also be getting an easy peak into the plot at a Lake Worth drive-in movie theater.

The Lake Worth Drive-In and Swap Shop has aired the R-rated movie at the same time as it has aired the new G-rated "SpongeBob" movie numerous times.

Parents can control which movie their children listen to, but possibly not which one they see.

The screens are a 90-degree angle from each other and in close proximity.

Nancy Desimone took her grandchildren to see "SpongeBob" Tuesday night. "My grandchildren have been dying to see it," Desimone said.

She worried the kids might not keep their eyes on one screen. "It's a little strange to have them both here because it's so easy to turn around and see it. It's not like you're enclosed inside the movie theater," said mother Michelle Assetta.

Assetta thinks the theater made a bad call playing the movies simultaneously. "I guess if they turn around, and they see it, I'll explain to them that it's an adult movie," Assetta said.

Theater Owner, Preston Henn, said on the phone that he does not see a problem because the screens do not directly face each other.

He says children aren't exposed to the movie if they do not turn around.

He also said only about 20 minutes in the movie are sexually graphic.

Henn did not say he would consider changing the play times.

Parents Tuesday night hoped the "SpongeBob" storyline projected onto their screen would keep their kids looking forward. "I hope these kids are going to be so absorbed in "SpongeBob" that they're not going to really care," Desimone said.

The theater's assistant manager says she has also heard numerous complaints from parents.

She recommends parents go online to check which two movies are playing at the same time before coming to a movie.

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