More than a hundred rally to Fight for $15 in West Palm Beach, workers demand higher wages

More than a hundred rally to Fight for $15 in West Palm Beach, workers demand higher wages

A local mother is thinking about how she could make Christmas possible for her children this year. She and at least one hundred others gathered at a rally to fight for higher wages.

Chanting and waving signs at a rally wasn't in Francoise Francois' plans after an 8-hour shift at work, but this time the cause directly affects her.

"If I make 15 dollars an hour it's more help for me, it's going to be more help," said Francois.

Francois says she has 14 years experience as a nursing home assistant, but she only makes $9 dollars an hour.

"You can't even pay your bills you know with that and I have four children. I have to take care of them," added Francois.

She's raising her family as a single mom. When she buys groceries she can only afford the value brands.

"Sometimes friends can help me, my mom can help me," added Francois.

Even with the help, she's late paying most her of bills. Rent and food take the priority, which means Christmas may not happen again this year.

'For the holidays, I'm thinking about that, but I don't think I can buy anything," she said.

Francois says this is why she joined more than hundred people rallying outside of the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Office; to fight for 15. To fight for a better life.

"We work so hard and we deserve that," added Francois.

The rally was one of hundreds taking place in 500 cities across the country. Some small business owners say they support higher wages, but believe a starting salary of $15 would cripple many small businesses.

"The payroll would be off the charts and your prices are definitely going to have to go up at least 30,40,50 percent. It's very inflationary," said John Ries, owner of Hot Pie Pizza.

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