Resident petitions for 3rd bus stop to be removed from WPB neighborhood

Resident petitions for 3rd bus stop to be removed from WPB neighborhood

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Kicking the can down the road, critics say that's literally what's happening in one West Palm Beach neighborhood with bus stops.

"I come home, I find garbage and litter on a daily basis, they're always sitting on my yard," Paul Lambrakis said. He is the latest to file a complaint with Palm Tran to remove a stop in front of his house on Forest Hill Boulevard.

"You know I understand they're waiting and it's hot, but still, it's my home."

Lambrakis says he's had enough. After successfully seeing two stops removed on the same route and on the same street, he's giving it a shot.

"How would you like it if somebody came and made a mess in the front of your yard every day or was sitting all over your property," Lambrakis asked. "You probably wouldn't like it, I don't either."

Earlier this year, Palm Tran approved to request to remove stop on Lambrakis' same street. Michael Kraus says it's made a big difference. "I've had people that come by and say it looks amazing."

Kraus now happy with the decision is helping Lambrakis. Lambrakis says the closure of the stops down the road is negatively affecting his property since all the riders now gather at the bus stop in front of his house.

WPTV called Palm Tran requesting an interview on the process, policies and on a new solution. A spokeswoman declined to comment until their new director reassessed the problem next week.

Neighbors say they need a new solution, other than kicking the can down the road.

"There's got to be a better way for them to do stops," Kraus said. "I don't know what the answer is but I think it needs to be more commercially located."

As a possible solution, Lambrakis is suggesting a fine for people littering at and near bus stops. West Palm Beach Commissioner Shanon Materio tells our partners at the Palm Beach Post she wants a more comprehensive solution that looks at where bus stops are placed and how they affect residential homes.

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