A Delray Beach city commissioner is pushing for police to wear body cameras

A Delray Beach city commissioner is pushing for police to wear body cameras

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - Dupree Jackson, who was born and raised in Delray Beach, now spends his time helping the teenagers in his community.

He's thankful protests stayed peaceful after Corey Jones was shot dead by a Palm Beach Gardens police officer.

"Nationally there is a tension, here in Delray I don't see it," Jackson said.

Still he thinks putting cameras on police officers would make everyone more comfortable. "It's usually just two people in that situation and one of them is not making it out, so we need that common denominator which would be that body cam."

City commissioner Al Jacquet agrees. He's pushing to get cameras on officers ASAP. "A lot of times we ask ourselves the question, what could we have done? This is at least a potential solution to get some answers."

Delray Beach Police Chief Jeff Goldman says he's been exploring body cameras for about one year. Some of the biggest issues involve privacy and records laws associated with the videos.  He's watching departments currently using cameras, like West Palm Beach.

"We can call them, I can go up there and say hi to them and see what's going on, so we've watched their process and gotten their policy," Chief Goldman said.

Commissioner Jacquet knows the Jones family. Corey was a Delray Beach city employee.

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