Mom living in park gets help

Mom living in park gets help

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Brittany's young daughter spent the day gazing out at the water, watching boats as they pass by while her mom tries to find them a home.

"I've been sleeping on the streets," Brittany explained. "I have my daughter at a friend's house. I can't be there because there's not enough room, so I'd rather her be there than me.

Brittany was told she had to move out of her 6th Street apartment nine days ago, when the non-profit that owns it said it ran out of money. She's been living in a nearby park ever since.

"At night time I stay warm and it's been raining, so I'm trying to stay dry," she said she's trying to find shelter wherever she can.

"Up here," she said pointing to a jungle gym. "Or I'll sleep on the bench," pointing over her shoulder to a metal picnic table. "It's scary. I can't sleep," Brittany explained. "It's hard to be out here and not know what's gonna happen next."

What's even harder for her is explaining to her little girl why mommy can't tuck her in every night.

"She tells people that I leave her." Too young to understand what's going on.

Brittany wipes away tears and glances at her phone, waiting for someone to call her back with news about a place to live or a job offer.

"I'm doing everything I can. It's like I open one door trying to get help and then that door closes. It's really hard. I just want to be able to get a roof over her head."

The phone call Brittany been waiting for finally came Monday afternoon. Adopt-A-Family of the Palm Beaches picked up Brittany and her daughter from the park. They have a roof over their heads and Brittany is enrolling in their program to help her get back on her feet again.

We're concealing the true identity of the woman and her child in this story because she's a domestic violence survivor.

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