Suburban Boca Raton teenager shot and killed in what appears to be accident

Suburban Boca Raton teenager shot and killed in what appears to be accident

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - A suburban Boca Raton family is calling for stricter gun safety rules.

Steve Cartigiano says his son, 16-year-old James, was accidentally shot by a teenage friend and later died.

He says James went to a sleep over at the friend's house in suburban Delray Beach on Jan. 22.

Cartigiano's lawyer, Gary Lesser, says there were several unsecured, loaded guns in the home. Lesser says no adults were at the home when the boy living there accidentally shot James Cartigiano. He died Jan. 27.

Now, the Cartigiano family and Lesser want to raise awareness about gun safety. They say guns should be locked, kept in a secured place and never handled without adult supervision.

Lesser says he is drafting a civil lawsuit against the family which owns the home and the gun, and possibly others.

A spokesperson from the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office says there is an open criminal investigation into the incident. No one has been charged at this time. Detectives believe the shooting was accidental

The Cartigianos say no family should go through what they've experienced. They're hoping their loss can be a wake-up call to gun owners.

Steve described his son, James, as a fun-loving, skateboarding high school junior who was working to improve his grades to prepare for college.

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