Students at risk of failing because of FSA test

Students at risk of failing because of FSA test

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - An alarming number of students in the third grade could be held back based off tests held this spring.

In nearly all of the counties in our viewing area, more than 20 percent of students are at risk of failing.

The Florida Department of Education reports in Palm Beach County that 25 percent of third graders fall under that category, 19 percent in Martin County, 28 percent in St. Lucie County, 26 percent in Okeechobee County and 21 percent in Indian River County.

These numbers reflect the number of students who scored a one on the third grade reading and writing Florida Standard Assessment (FSA) test.

Even though thousands of students took the FSA this spring, the DOE is only releasing these scores. They told our partners at The Palm Beach Post, "the aim was to give districts time to prepare for summer school, where many of those students at risk of failing will be directed to improve their skills."

The third grade test is the only exam that can cause a student to repeat a grade.

The DOE says students can avoid failing by either passing a different test, given at the end of summer school, or providing a portfolio.

Parents are urged to be proactive and find out how their child performed on the test. We are working to find out if and when the reports will be released to parents.

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