Two local sisters attending inauguration

Two local sisters attending inauguration

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Keelie and Rileigh Hanley are going to the President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration. The girls told NewsChannel 5 they've grown up in a family that has a passion for politics.

"It was my grandpa that had an influence on my mother and had an influence on us. He ran for state legislature and in Pennsylvania," Keelie said.

The girls are used to holding signs in support for a candidate. But this time the 15-year-old twins will getting all of the attentions.

"It's such an opportunity for anyone especially someone our age. It's incredible, for anyone it would be amazing because we are part of history. Just witnessing that is going to be amazing,"  Rileigh said.

Think of the girls as correspondents. Keelie, who writes for her Suncoast High School newspaper, will be keeping track of every detail.

She's ready. "I am going to be taking pictures and I'm going to be writing about everything that I see." Rileigh said,  "We have hand warmers, feet warmers jackets, we are definitely going to bundle up. We have some patriotic colors in there too," she said.

The twins will return to West Palm Beach on Sunday. Their time in D.C. will be printed in the school's newspaper next month.

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