Super Bowl is the highest suicide night for gamblers

Updated: Jan. 31, 2017 at 4:05 PM EST
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Super Bowl is the BIGGEST day of the year for gamblers.  With over 100 different bets beyond win or lose and spreads (who gets injured, coin toss, fumbles, turnovers, first score and so many more)  it is a do or die night with the highest suicide rate among gamblers.  (By the way, gamblers already have the highest suicide rate over all other addictive disorders and Super Bowl is the super bowl of nights in terms of their suicide attempts.).

What are the signs and symptoms gambling addiction?

What can you do if you suspect someone you know has a gambling problem?

How do you plan and execute an intervention?

What treatment is available, how does it work?

Call The Florida House Experience to discuss this prior to Super Bowl.  To set up an interview, contact Alan Stevens at 9548628950.