Tribute to Navy SEALs held at Mar-a-Lago

Tribute to Navy SEALs held at Mar-a-Lago

On the grounds of Mar-a-Lago, even a demonstration can't give us a first-hand look into the life of a Navy SEAL.

"It's a lot of hard work," says Rick Kaiser a former SEAL.

He says it definitely showcases the skills and the friendships they make.

"That's the best part of being a Navy SEAL."

Kaiser is the the Executive Director of the Navy SEAL Museum in Fort Pierce. He continues to serve his country and fellow Seals.

"If God forbid that you're hurt and wounded in active duty, we take care of them and that's our job," said Kaiser.

That's what Monday night was all about.

Rebecca Williams Chairs the Palm Beach Navy SEAL Evening of Tribute. Every other year the event is held, the crowds grow and more money is raised for the Navy Seal Foundation.

"There's all sorts of things that this money goes towards and it's really for the seals to support them," says Williams.

Monday night fundraiser raised more than $1.5 million.

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