800 Books donated to literacy campaign

800 Books donated to literacy campaign

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Reading is one of the most important skills a developing child can learn, but some families in Palm Beach County can't afford to buy their kids books.

Together with sister company, Scripps, FOX 29 wanted to help fill that gap by donating nearly 800 books to the Literacy Coalition of Palm Beach County.

The Literacy Coalition's CEO, Kristin Calder, said thanks to the donation hundreds of kids across our area will now be able to have a book of their own.

"A lot of the children and families we work with don't have the money to spend on books," Calder said.  "It really is a big deal to get something like this."

Calder underscores the importance of reading. "It's a fundamental skill you need it all your life," she said.  "Once you get to fourth grade you really need to be able to read to learn the material, if not, that is when students start falling behind in school."

April is "Drop Everything and Read" month, a national month-long celebration of reading designed to remind people of all ages to make reading a priory activity in their lives.

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