Port St. Lucie K9 retiring

Port St. Lucie K9 retiring

A ceremonial send-off was held Wednesday for a Port St. Lucie K9.

Oliver has been with the department as both a patrol and bomb-sniffing dog.

He's secured some pretty big events like the Super Bowl and even a presidential inauguration.

His handler, Officer Will Harris, says that even though Oliver will no longer be on duty with him, he's still going to be a part of his family. "The best thing you can ask for as you see he's still pretty attached to me.  We've started transitioning him at home the kids have taken a larger responsibility with him as far as feeding and walking him, things that they previously haven't been doing."

Oliver was born in Holland but a breeding company in Florida trained him for police duty.

Port St. Lucie police now have five bomb-sniffing dogs.

Oliver's replacement could come in as early as next week.

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