Goodbye to Wrinkles with N-Lite

What Is "N-Lite" Laser Wrinkle Reduction?
N-Lite is the newest laser technology in wrinkle reduction. N-Lite is non-ablative laser, which simply means it does not remove skin the way traditional lasers of the past have done. N-Lite passes through the skin.
Does It Hurt?
Because N-Lite is non-ablative, no local or general anesthesia is required. There is no pain associated with this procedure. Most patients have described the treatment as a warm sensation sometimes with a very light stinging sensation.
Am I A Candidate?
If you have wrinkles on your face you wish were not there, then yes you are a candidate. N-Lite is for all ages and skin types. The only persons whom are not a candidate would be someone with active Rosacea, undiagnosed lesions, recent herpes outbreaks, severe active acne, unstable diabetes or auto-immune system disorder or photo sensitive skin condition.
How Does It Work?
N-Lite's yellow beam passes through the epidermis (skins surface) targeting blood vessels causing a theremal(heating) effect in the skin. The process releases growth factors, which stimulate fibroblasts (collagen production). Most collagen production is evident in the first month, but collagen will continue to be produced over a course of approximately three months.
What Can I Expect After Treatment?
N-Lite treatments last anywhere from 15-45 minutes depending on how many areas you are having treated. There may be a slight "pinkness" to the face and, in very rare cases, slight swelling or pin-point bruising. Makeup can be applied immediately after treatment and you can return to work. YES, it is that easy!
Is N-Lite All There Is?
Absolutely not. N-Lite can be performed with a combination of several other options. Not everyone is going to have one specific condition they would like to treat. N-Lite, because it penetrates through the skin, will not affect dark splotches on the skin. That is where chemical peels or microdermabrasion comes in. Botox or Dermalogen are also a nice compliment helping to stop those frown lines in their tracks and give lips a plump, fuller appearance. Whatever your concerns may be, there is a solution.
How Many Treatments Does It Take?
N-Lite can be done once or several times. It really depends on the individual and the severity of the wrinkles. After your initial treatment, a booster treatment will be done in approximately 2-4 weeks. After that, repeating the treatment is up to you. This will depend on the result you are trying to achieve.
How Do I Get Started?
The first step is personal consultation. Now that you have all the information, you need to be seen and evaluated. At that time, together we can decide what is the best treatment plan for you. Call now 561-776-7041 with any questions you may have.