24 Bios

24 Bios
Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer
Currently, Kiefer Sutherland is wrapping up production on the movie "Paradise Found", in which he portrays the world famous Post-Impressionist artist Paul Gauguin. Before that, he completed production on the independent film "Red Door" which was directed by Matia Karrell.

Upcoming, Sutherland can be seen in the World War II film "To End All Wars". The screenplay is based on the best-selling book "Through the Valley of the Kwai", which is an account of life as a POW in a Southeast Asian prison camp. He will also be seen in "I Fought the Law" directed by Mark Malone.
Sutherland's many other feature credits include "Dark City", "Truth or Consequences" (which he also directed), "Eye for an Eye", "A Time to Kill", "The Three Musketeers", "Article 99", "A Few Good Men", "The Vanishing", "The Lost Boys", "Young Guns" and "Stand By Me".

His television credits include the critically acclaimed original cable dramas "A Soldier's Sweetheart" with Skeet Ulrich and Georgina Cates, and "Last Light", for which he made his directorial debut. The movie garnered glowing reviews -- especially for Sutherland's directing. His other credits include "Bad Boy", which earned him a Best Actor Genie Award nomination, "The Mission", "Amazing Stories" and "Trapped in Silence".

Sutherland resides in Los Angeles.

DENNIS HAYSBERT, Sen. David Palmer on 24
Dennis Haysbert is a multi-dimensional actor who moves from the world of feature films to series television with relative ease. Last season, Haysbert won critical acclaim for his portrayal of Dr. Theodore Morris, a mysterious government scientist, secret agent and creator of a synthetic human being, in the television series "Now & Again".  In feature films, Haysbert recently worked alongside Omar Epps and Alfre Woodard in Spike Lee's "Love and Basketball", then re-teamed with Woodard in "What's Cooking" which takes a look at family life in Los Angeles. His additional credits include "Love Field" opposite Michelle Pfeiffer, "Absolute Power" alongside Clint Eastwood and Gene Hackman, "Heat" with Al Pacino and Robert De Niro, "Random Hearts" with Harrison Ford, "Waiting To Exhale", "13th Floor", "Widow's Kiss", "Navy Seals" and "Major League".

Haysbert also has performed in many plays, including "Wedding Band", "Diplomacy", "Othello", "All Over Town", "The Blook Knot" and "No Place To Be Somebody".

The California native was offered various sports scholarships after high school, but he chose to study acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Upon graduation, he won his first television role on an Emmy Award-winning episode of "Lou Grant".

LESLIE HOPE, Teri Bauer on 24
Nova Scotia-born Leslie Hope has an extensive list of acting credits, including the recently completed feature film "Dragonfly" with Kevin Costner and Kathy Bates. Her first American feature was John Cassavetes' "Love Streams" in a role he wrote for her. Additional film roles include "Fun", "Robocop", "Spreading Ground" with Dennis Hopper, George Romero's "Bruiser", "Paris, France" and Oliver Stone's "Talk Radio". Her television credits include recurring roles on "The District", "Chicago Hope", and "Early Edition", as well as appearances on "Party of Five", "Judging Amy" and, most recently, the movie-of-the-week "Stolen Miracle".

For theater, Hope was the founding artistic director of The Wilton Project in Los Angeles. Her performance credits there include "Slide", "Ghost Stories" and "Therese Raquin". Additional stage work includes "Emerald City", "Taking Off" and "The Rattle of the Moon".

Hope lives in Los Angeles.

ELISHA CUTHBERT, Kimberly Bauer on 24
Elisha Cuthbert began a career in entertainment as a model at the age of seven. Soon after, she was bit by the acting bug while spending the day as an extra on the set of Nickelodeon's "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" It was not long before she was invited back to the show...as a series regular. While trotting the globe as a correspondent for the award-winning series "Popular Mechanics for Kids", Cuthbert caught the eye of First Lady Hillary Clinton and was invited to Washington for a meeting with the First Lady.

Her additional acting credits include "Lucky Girl", "Time at the Top", opposite Timothy Busfield, "Mail to the Chief" with Randy Quaid, "Airspeed" with Joe Mantegna and the recently wrapped "Believe" alongside Ben Gazzara and Andrea Martin.

Cuthbert was born in Calgary, raised in Vancouver and now resides in Montreal and Los Angeles.

SARAH CLARKE, Nina Myers on 24
Sarah Clarke, a native of St. Louis, began acting in the theater while working as an architectural photographer. She moved to New York to study at Circle in the Square and to work with, among others, The Willow Cabin Theatre Company, Axis Theatre Company and Robert Wilson. In her first short film, "Pas de Deux", she won a CiNY Award for Outstanding Performance at the Brooklyn Film Festival.

Since then, she has made guest appearances on "Sex and the City" and "Ed", and has appeared in two independent films not yet released -- "The Accident" and "Emmett's Mark", which co-stars Scott Wolf, Tim Roth and Gabriel Byrne.

MIA KIRSHNER, Mandy on 24
Toronto-born Mia Kirshner describes herself as "being goofy, with a fondness for pranks, and someone who always has had an interest in movies and acting ever since she could remember." Signs of a future in show business surfaced as early as elementary school when she directed a production of "Annie" for her fellow classmates...and made the cast sign contracts to ensure they wouldn't quit.
Kirshner's first professional acting job was in "Love and Human Remains", playing a whip-cracking clairvoyant dominatrix. Her performance earned her a Best Supporting Actress nomination for a Genie Award (Canada's Oscar). She would go on to appear in numerous films including "Exotica", "Murder in the First", "The Grass Harp", "The Crow: City of Angels", "Mad City", "Mary Jane's Last Dance", "Now & Forever",  "Garage Sale" and "Teen Movie".
JOEL SURNOW, Creator/Writer/Executive Producer
For the past five years, Joel Surnow has been the executive producer of the critically acclaimed hit series "La Femme Nikita". Before that, his distinguished career as a writer/producer included such popular television series as "Miami Vice", "Bay City Blues", "The Equalizer" "Wiseguy", "Nowhere Man" and "The Commish".
ROBERT COCHRAN, Creator/Writer/Executive Producer
Robert Cochran's television credits include executive consultant of "La Femme Nikita", co-executive producer of "The Commish", supervising producer of "JAG", and writer/producer on "Falcon Crest" and "Sons and Daughters". A lawyer by training, he began writing episodes for legal shows such as "L.A. Law" and "The Antagonists". He has also written two historical mini-series -- "Attila the Hun" and "Nothing Like It In The World" -- and a feature film titled "1066".

Tony Krantz is founding partner, co-chairman and CEO of Imagine Television, along with Brian Grazer and Ron Howard. Imagine Television was formed in 1997 and produces "Felicity" and also produced "The PJs", "Sports Night", "Wonderland" and "The Beast".

Originally from New York, Krantz lived in Manhattan until he was 13, then moved to Beverly Hills and attended Beverly Hills High School. He graduated with a business degree from UC Berkeley, where he also promoted rock concerts and a jazz festival for the student body. Two weeks after graduating college in 1981, Krantz joined the Creative Aritsts Agency in the mailroom.

Krantz remained at CAA for 15 years, where he represented writers, directors, actors, musicians and production companies. After two years of being a literary agent in television, Krantz began packaging television movies and mini-series, including the Emmy Award-winning "Inherit The Wind" on his way to packaging network television series.

Eventually, Krantz ended up running the primetime television division at CAA, which placed 32 series in the primetime line-up in the 1996-97 TV season alone. Some of the shows Krantz has personally packaged include "The West Wing", "ER", "Twin Peaks", "Melrose Place" and "Beverly Hills, 90210".

RON HOWARD, Executive Producer of 24
As an actor, writer, producer and, most notably, a director, Ron Howard has been responsible for some of entertainment's most memorable moments. From the comedic turns of "Parenthood" to the warmth of "Cocoon" from the romance of "Splash" to the exciting drama of "Backdraft" Howard's films have touched audiences around the world.

Most recently, Howard directed the live-action version of Dr. Seuss's "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". His other directing credits include "ED TV" "Ransom" and "Apollo 13" which earned him the Best Director of the Year Award by the Directors Guild of America. The film was also nominated for nine Academy Awards -- winning two -- and four Golden Globe Awards.

Audiences first came to know Howard from his work as an actor in film and television. Born in Duncan, OK, he had his first acting role at the age of 18 months in a production of "The Seven Year Itch". At the age of four, he made his first screen appearance in "The Journey". He subsequently appeared in "The Music Man" and as Opie in the long-running television series "The Andy Griffith Show". And in the 1970s, he starred in "Happy Days". In 1978, when he was 23 years old, Howard directed his first feature film, "Grand Theft Auto". A string of popular hits followed, ranging from domestic comedy to science-fiction/fantasy: "Night Shift", "Splash", which was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Screenplay, "Cocoon", which won two Academy Awards, "Gung Ho" and "Willow".

In 1986, Howard joined forces with Brian Grazer as founders and co-chairmen of Imagine Films Entertainment, Inc., a public company that independently produced feature films. Under this new banner, Howard directed "Parenthood", which grossed over $100 million and was nominated for two Academy Awards; "Backdraft", which received four Academy Award nominations; "Far and Away", the epic love story starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman; "Kindergarten Cop", "My Girl" "Housesitter" and "Boomerang". Since the company was formed, Howard and Grazer have made films that have grossed almost $3 billion worldwide.

The Howard-Grazer team then took Imagine Films Entertainment, Inc. private as Imagine Entertainment. Among the company's projects were "The Paper", "The Nutty Professor", "Liar, Liar", "Mercury Rising", "Life", "Bowfinger", "Psycho", "Nutty 2: The Klumps" and "Curious George". The pair were also producers of the critically acclaimed "From the Earth to the Moon", which won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Mini-Series.

For the small screen, Imagine Television produces "Felicity" and also produced "The PJs", "Sports Night", "Wonderland" and "The Beast". Next up for Howard is directing the highly anticipated film "A Beautiful Mind" which stars Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly and Ed Harris. The powerful drama is inspired by the events in the life of John Forbes Nash, Jr., based in part on the biography by Sylvia Nasar.

BRIAN GRAZER, Executive Producer
The Producers Guild of America recently honored Brian Grazer with the David O. Selznick Lifetime Achievement Award in Theatrical Motion Pictures. With over 23 Academy Award nomintions, 17 Emmy Award nominations and a cumulative box office of more than $4 billion, he has established himself as one of the most creative and prolific producers in the entertainment industry. With a keen ability for spotting new talent, Grazer has been responsible for some of the industry's most critically acclaimed projects and has been the driving force behind some of Hollywood's biggest blockbusters.

Last year, Grazer was the highest grossing producer, accumulating a worldwide box office of more than $500 million with "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" and "Nutty 2: The Klumps". In 1998, Grazer took home the Emmy Award for Outstanding Mini-Series for his work on "From the Earth to the Moon", received a star on Hollywood Boulevard and received the Cubby R. Broccoli Award, which is presented annually to a creative talent who has demonstrated consistent quality and vision throughout his or her career.

In 1997, Grazer produced "Liar, Liar", which was the biggest opening weekend for a March release at $32 million and has currently grossed $300 million worldwide. Then Grazer's "Life" opened in first place, grossing $20.4 million in its first three days of release and setting a box office record for the biggest opening ever for an April release. Securing his stature as a Hollywood heavyweight in 1996, Grazer produced the fifth and sixth highest grossing movies of the year worldwide: "Ransom" with over $300 million and "The Nutty Professor" with over $270 million. That movie also won an Academy Award for Best Makeup and The People's Choice Award for Favorite Comedy Motion Picture.

In 1995, Grazer's "Apollo 13" exploded onto the silver screen and garnered four Golden Globe Awards and nine Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture of the Year, Best Screenplay and Best Performer by a Supporting Actor and Supporting Actress. It went on to win Best Achievement in Sound and Best Achievement in Editing. The film also won Favorite Motion Picture and Favorite Dramatic Picture from the People's Choice Awards, Best Picture by the Chicago Film Critics Award and Best Cast and Best Supporting Actor from the Screen Actors Guild Awards. The Producers Guild of America chose to honor Grazer with the coveted Darryl F. Zanuck Motion Picture Producer of the Year Award for his work on the film. To date, the film has grossed over $335 million.

Grazer and director/producer Ron Howard officially joined forces in 1986, as co-chairmen and founders of Imagine Films Entertainment, Inc. In 1989, the then-public company released its first film "The Burbs" a wacky comedy about suburban living starring Tom Hanks. Their next features were "The Dream Team" and "Parenthood" which starred Steve Martin and grossed over $100 million, and was nominated for two Academy Awards. Later that same year, Grazer was named NATO/ShoWest Producer of the Year. For the small screen, Imagine Television produces "Felicity" and also produced "The PJs", "Sports Night", "Wonderland" and "The Beast". Next up for Grazer is the highly anticipated film "A Beautiful Mind", which is directed by Ron Howard and stars Russell Crow, Jennifer Connelly and Ed Harris.