Artificial Reefs

Ande Reef
in 185 feet of water
Lake Worth Inlet
An example of
Doug Bolly's painting
Rybovich Reef
in 23 feet of water
Lake Worth Lagoon

Palm Beach County Artificial Reef Program
Palm Beach County is in the business of sinking ships - for a good reason that is. The artificial reef program has been creating man-made reefs since the mid-1960s. There are more than 60 in Palm Beach County alone.

What are Artificial Reefs?
Artificial reefs are sunken man-made structures which become new habitats for marine life. They are built from many materials, such as old ships, rock, concrete and steel, among other substances. They are placed in areas where there is no natural reef, in order to create new marine life communities. This becomes important, as many species of fish have become endangered in past decades due to storms, accidents and shoreline development. Artificial reefs provide both natural habitats for fish, and new areas for scuba divers and those who like to fish. Although many of the reefs are in deep water, some may be reached by divers.

Artificial Reefs in Palm Beach County are located in the Jupiter Inlet, the Lake Worth Inlet, the Lake Worth Lagoon, the Boynton Beach Inlet and the Boca Raton Inlet. For more information, go to the PBC Artificial Reef Program website. Martin County also has an artificial reef program.

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