Mannequin About Town

Randy Orwig, Professional Mannequin

Mannequin About Town
Ever want a job where you weren't required to do anything?
According to Randy Orwig of Loxahatchee, it's a lot harder than it looks.

Randy has been a professional mannequin, performing at festivals across the county for the past eleven years. Though the thought of sitting motionless for long periods of time may sound easy, he says it is not - it can actually cause severe back pain. On average, Randy sits 5-6 hours per day at a festival for 30-45 minutes at a time. Randy identifies his ability to not blink for long periods of time as his main strength. He credits Florida's famous humidity for making that possible.

How does someone end up in this career field? Randy has 20 years of professional acting experience, and has also modeled for artists. It was at one of these modeling assignments that someone told him he looked like a Duane Hanson statue. That gave him the idea to go into this full-time.

According to Randy, professional mannequins are now very popular in New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Paris, Rome and London. Many may have seen them in Key West as well. Performers will usually choose a particular theme, like the man in Key West who stands on an upside-down trash barrel in a toga for a Greco-Roman theme.

Randy also performs at festivals outside of Florida as far north as Cape Cod, and has even performed at business conventions.