An Artigras Artist

ArtiGras Artist: Diana Cousminer
It is Diana Cousminer's first art show. She's in ArtiGras booth #328, after winning a scholarship from the Palm Beach Post.

Diana's work demonstrates an expression and drama not usually found in a painter of her age. She says that she has been painting "forever," and has recently attended the University of Central Florida, after also receiving a scholarship from the Lake Worth Art League.

Diana had this to say about Artigras:

"I was pleasantly surprised by how many people showed interest in my work and how many were willing to pay me for my pieces. Everyone was extremely supportive and positive, and the experienced artists who neighbored my booth gave me both helpful suggestions and praise. I didn't feel any sense of competition at all from the other artists who make their living at shows like Artigras, but more of a feeling that I was now 'one of them'."

Diana is currently working on placing her paintings in galleries.