Seven nabbed for robbing local businesses

Reporter: Kara Kostanich

Deputies say a group was behind a massive crime spree stretching across our area. So far, seven people have been arrested. They are accused of ruthlessly robbing five Palm Beach County businesses and roughing up employees.

Vandanam Jewelers on North Military Trail is back in business. "It was totally scary, ya," recalls one victim.

But that frightening day is still as real as yesterday to the Anthonys. On March 15, law  enforcement says a gang robbed their business. Mr. Anthony's arms are still healing from the wounds caused by the zip ties the robbers used to restrain him.

He's now in counseling and taking anti-anxiety medication to find resolve. "I can't sleep; always the flash back is coming."

Vandanam Jewelers was one of five business hit since February. But their security equipment helped police identify the suspects.

Law enforcement says the organized gang netted more than $1 million in cash and jewelry. Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw says, "This is a significant arrest of some serious bad guys that were doing bad robberies and were extremely dangerous."

Area businesses are happy this crime spree is finally over. "I feel 100 percent safe and better now to know they are off the streets," says one business owner.

Police are still working to nab one more person connected to the robberies.