Inferno consumes WPB home: Religious scrolls protected

Reporter: Juan Carlos Fanjul

An inferno consumes a large home in the lands of the Presidents Development in West Palm Beach.

Fox 29 talks to the homeowner who lost almost everything.

Four hours later, the fire is still burning in some small spots. Sky 12 was there when the entire house was going up in flames. The 4,800 square foot home on Sunningdale Circle is a total loss.

Inside: Precious religious and historical artifacts.

Rabbi David Goldstein and his partner live there. They heard a boom, and, then, got out of the house with their two dogs.

From the outside, all they could do was watch as the fire destroyed their home. "It's hard to watch everything you've collected, earned, worked for, go up in smoke. There's things from my grandparents, things from Europe from the Holocaust, that I can't replace in any way."

Now, investigators are looking into a possible cause. The rabbi who lives here says he had at least 50 gallons of gasoline for generators stored in his garage. A potential explosive, but authorities are still investigating.

It was pretty dicey for firefighters. They used a large ladder truck to fight the fire and make sure it didn't spread to nearby homes.

Despite, the massive loss, one sacred thing survived the blaze. Apparently, the rabbi had put two Torah scrolls in the trunk of his car. The reason: his congregation doesn't have a permanent location. The Torahs are the first five books of the Hebrew scriptures traditionally called the Book of Moses.

Now get this, the fire totaled the rabbi's car, but the religious texts were in a gym bag soaked by the water used to douse the flames. When the bag was open, the holiest of scrolls were still intact.