COPY-Traffic-blocking gator will end up on the menu

Associated Press - April 2, 2008 6:44 AM ET

MIAMI (AP) - A nine-foot alligator that blocked traffic on a South Florida highway will end up on the menu and on store shelves.

The gator was sold to All American Gator Products for $280. The processing facility's owner says the gator's meat will be breaded and deep-fried for the menus of 2 Dania Beach restaurants. Its hide will be turned into designer shoes and wallets and its bones will be used to make soap. Its feet can be turned into a back scratcher, and its teeth could become earrings.

A Broward Sheriff's deputy tried yelling at the gator yesterday morning to scare it back into a canal. But the reptile wouldn't budge. A county trapper eventually captured the gator.

County officials say All American Gator Products is usually where large nuisance gators end up. The facility processes about 2,000 alligators a year, including about 100 deemed nuisances and threats to public safety.

Information from: The Miami Herald,

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