Vanilla Ice to his wife "I'm Sorry"

Reporter: Al Pefley

Authorities have released the tape of the 911 call that led to the arrest last month of rapper Vanilla Ice.

The rapper and reality TV star, whose real name is Robert Van Winkle, was charged with domestic battery April 10.

The charge was dropped last week, after his wife, Laura, recanted and said Van Winkle never intentionally hit her.

On the tape, she says, he hit her, kicked her and tried to choke her in front of their children at their Wellington home. "I want him out of here; I want him out of here. I have nowhere to go!"

At one point for her own safety, she locked herself in her BMW while waiting for deputies to arrive. She also told the dispatcher she was worried he might try to get a shotgun which they kept in the bedroom.

She told the 911 dispatcher he was very controlling, wouldn't give her any money, and "blew up" when she went out and bought a TV and a bed.

She told the dispatcher she wanted a divorce and "needed a change."

Vanilla Ice can be heard on the tape saying "I'm sorry babe".

Later that evening, Vanilla Ice was hauled off to jail where he spent the night behind bars.

The state attorney's office dropped the case last week saying his wife no longer wanted to pursue it.