Soaring gas prices affect air travel

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (Fox 29) - Starting Monday one airline will begin charging for checking your first bag. The next time you buy a ticket for American Airlines, don't forget to bring extra cash.

American and United Airlines is now charging 15 dollars for the first bag going each way. If you decide to bring an additional bag, you must pay 25 dollars more.

U.S. Air is holding off on the charge until July 9th.

Gary Cassel, an airline passenger says, " to have to pay out of pocket yet another fee when we're getting so little on airlines as it is. Yes, I think it's more annoying."

Pat Johnstonbaugh, another passenger thinks, "It doesn't matter. We'll get charged one way or another. So I'm not necessarily opposed to paying extra for checked baggage if it helps the airline industry stay afloat."

Making matters even more expensive, starting in August, U.S. Air will charge 2 dollars for a soft drink.