Arsonist caught on bar's surveillance cam

By Juan Carlos Fanjul

LAKE WORTH, FL (WFLX) - Barely anything inside 914 4th Avenue in Lake Worth is recognizable anymore. Authorities believed early on, the Monday morning blaze was the work of an arsonist. Now, they say, they know who did it and possibly why.

Thirty-seven-year-old Tomas Trnka arrested just hours after the blaze and charged with 1st degree arson. The case an apparent slam dunk for Lake Worth Police because of this: Surveillance video from a bar called Sneakers right across the street from the apartment.

They say it clearly shows Tomas Trnka leaving the bar around 5 a.m., closing time, walking across the street, and entering the first floor of the 2-story building. Within moments, flashes start lighting up the early morning darkness. The man who entered the apartment is seen scurrying out. Flames and smoke start spewing out of the building.

Fortunately, the resident on the second floor manages to get out unharmed.

Police say Trnka had recently received an eviction notice - he lived in the dwelling.

Lake Worth Police don't know if he was drinking heavily that morning, but, they claim, the man was certainly angry enough about his eviction to set the whole place on fire.