Boynton police arresting reckless ATV drivers

By John Bachman
Posted by Rachel Leigh

BOYNTON BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Some people consider them toys. But police consider them dangerous, especially when they are on public roads. They're now working to keep these mini bikes and ATVs off-road where, police say, they belong.

Two Boynton Beach teens arrested for reckless driving and led away in handcuffs. Neither have a license; however, they weren't in a car.

Boynton Beach Police call them quad runners. You may call them go-carts, four-wheelers or ATVs.

They're not allowed on the street.

Cyleste Andrews, one of the teen's aunts, says she has no problem with what police are doing and hopes her nephew learns his lesson. "Ain't nothing wrong with that because they are going to get hurt. You know what I'm saying the law is the law. They are going to get hurt. I don't want to see them get hurt or nothing like that."

That's why Boynton Beach police spent a good part of Thursday staking out and hiding out looking for people riding off-road vehicles. Officers want to make sure that's where they stay.

Many of these operators of quad runners completely disregarding all forms of traffic control; therefore, endangering both themselves and the motoring public.

This is the first time they've cracked down on these types of vehicles in two years.

Police say they are getting more complaints, but they have not had any reports of major accidents caused by the ATVs. And, they hope to avoid any by sending a signal with these arrests.

"It's one thing if they are in a secure location in a facility - that's designed for that. But the streets are not that place," states one officer.

The teens were the rightful owners of those two vehicles. But, police say, the last time they did this type of operation, many of the vehicles were actually stolen during burglaries.