Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal
Host Howie Mandel
Host Howie Mandel

Monday - Friday @ 4:30 PM

Deal or No Deal is coming to Fox 29 5 days a week starting Monday, September 8. Enjoy the same primetime excitement, but, now, with all new episodes 5 days a week.

Play the game on now on your PC! Just click on the image above.

The weekday version will be hosted by Howie Mandel and will offer contestants a Grand Prize of $500,000 each weekday! The show will also include models, contestants taking big risks and the Banker.

The weekday version will also have a number of new interactive elements, including the opportunity for viewers to win $10,000 online and/or via a toll-free number each week.

When the show launches on September 8, viewers will be able to play a weekly $10,000 game on

According to Howie-"My wife could not be more thrilled to have me out of the house and at work Monday thru Friday," said Mandel. "I am having a blast doing the syndicated version of 'Deal or No Deal' and love playing the game with contestants from all over the country on a daily basis."

Each weekday, the game of odds and chance unfolds when a wheel is spun and a lucky contestant is chosen to play the game and confronted with 22 sealed briefcases full of varying amounts of cash - ranging from a measly penny to the top prize of $500,000. Without knowing the amount in each briefcase, the contestant picks one - his or hers to keep, if they choose -- until its unsealing at game's end.

The risk element kicks in when the player must then instinctively eliminate the remaining 21 cases - which are opened and the amount of cash inside revealed. The pressure mounts in each round, after a pre-determined number of cases are opened, the participant is tempted by a mysterious entity known only as "the Banker," to accept an offer of cash in exchange for what might be contained in the contestant's chosen briefcase - prompting Mandel to ask the all-important question - Deal or No Deal?

As each case is opened, the likelihood of the player having a valuable cash amount in his or her own case decreases or increases. Viewers will see if truly fortune favors the bold. The contestant knows that as long as the larger cash prizes haven't been opened, the Banker's offers will only get higher. And if the conflicted contestant accidentally opens a case with a bigger cash value -- the Banker's offer could suddenly evaporate.