SWAT team swarms Lake Worth neighborhood

John Posy
John Posy

By Stephanie Gailhard email
Posted by Rachel Leigh email

LAKE WORTH, FL (WFLX) - The Palm Beach County SWAT team swarms a Lake Worth home Sunday morning. Twenty-nine-year-old John Posy barricaded himself inside a home with a gun and refused to come out.

He did this, investigators say, minutes before he beat up his girlfriend.

The seriousness of the situation prompted Greenacres police and deputies to lock down the neighborhood. "There was a knock on the door that we had to evacuate," said one resident.

He, along with his neighbors, were instructed to make their way to a nearby Publix. "We had people in pajamas trying to figure out what was happening," he continued.

For hours, the SWAT team tried to coax Posy out of his home. Standoffs, like this one, are the most dangerous the team encounters. "You don't know what you have, and the approach is dangerous because you don't know if they have a firearm or a handgun."

In this case, Posy had a handgun.

When the SWAT team storm the home nearly four hours after all of this began. The gun never went off, and Posy was arrested.

Shortly after, people - who were evacuated - were told it was safe to go home.

Posy is charged with aggravated domestic battery. The victim is said to be receiving counseling.