Two formats geared strictly to HDTV Owners

AP -- It's called D-V-H-S. The "D" is for digital. It's a new tape format designed for high definition television.
Sean Bersell of the industry trade group Video Software Dealers Association says it offers much clearer picture quality than you get on D-V-D.
D-V-H-S made its debut earlier this year -- and it requires a special D-V-H-S player -- that also records high quality pictures.
Still to come is something called High Definition D-V-D. It's a disc format geared for owners of high definition television sets. Bersell says H-D D-V-D, like D-V-H-S, is superior to standard D-V-D.
He says H-D D-V-D should arrive within the next 12 to 18 months.
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