Palm Beach County Wrecks


1. Esso Bonaire -
This 1926 Harbor Tanker is 150 feet in lenth. It was sunk 1989 and lies in 90 feet of water. Nearby is the Miss Jenny, a 55 foot Dredge Barge.

Palm Beach:
1. Mizpah - This is definitely one of the best wrecks in Florida. She was sunk in 1968 and lies in 90ft. of water, just 10 minutes from the dock. The Mizpah is a 185ft. Greek luxury liner with 3 levels to explore and 3ft. of soft corals covering the ship, from bow to stern.

2. The PC1170 - This patrol craft is split into two pieces below the Mispah's bow. The PC1170 is 160ft. in length. Scuttled in 1968 by the artificial reef committee.
3. Palm Beach Triangle - This site has 3 wrecks, the Eidsvaag Freighter, the Phillips Barge and the Rolls Royce. Aside from the beautiful wrecks, there are also three large friendly green eels that have been feed for your entertainment.
4. The Amaryllis - The Amaryllis is 450ft. long and lies in 80ft of water. Only it's hull and bottom deck remain; the other decks were removed in order to pull the ship off the beach where it was found after a hurricane.
5. The Corridor - A 1700 ft drift dive encompassing the Mizpah, PC1170, Amaryllis, China Barge, Brazilian Docks and Rock Rubble connecting them all together. Excellent Site with lots of fish and spotted eagle rays. Don't miss this one.
6. The Spiny Oyster Barge - This large Barge lies in 110 ft. of water about 20 minutes north of the inlet. It is a photographers dream because of the beautiful corals that cover the entire wreck. Their are lots of pictures featuring this barge in the Pieces Book The Divers Guide to Southeast Florida. by S&S Cummins.
7. The Princess Anne - The most recent artificial wreck to be added to the Palm Beaches. This 350 ft. long ferry boat used to carry 800 people and some 200 automobiles across the Chesapeake Bay. Usually has strong currents.
8. The 70 Ft. Barge - This barge, although not intact, is a favorite of many divers because of the turtles and Midnight Blue Parrot fish that grace us with their presence.