Meet Charles Laurie

U.S. Representative (Congress) District 23
Charles Laurie
(954) 270-2233

In a sentence, why should you vote for me?
Because Charles Laurie can assure you that "We the People" will work very hard for all the necessary improvements to public service.

My Initiatives:

#1 – To see all city and state officials working together.  "Team work" will keep the wheels of progress well lubricated and rolling forward.
Because Charles Laurie can assure you that "We the People" will work very hard for all the necessary improvements to public service.

#2 - I would like to see a more efficient, "less red-tape" hotline in place to examine any complaint regarding workplace harassment, inequality, or discrimination.

On character:
A State Lawmaker should be a common sense individual, completely in touch with all aspects of their community.  I am a no-nonsense individual who will keep the promises of the oath.

On improving Florida's economy:
I would approve across the board incentives for small business owners.  Fewer restrictions would create more accessible small business loans, and entrepreneurs create jobs.

What areas would you like to reduce government spending?
By working together as a team, government projects can be expedited more efficiently with less resistance, thus reducing government spending.

What areas would you like to increase government spending?
I would like to see increased state government spending on public transportation to reduce road and highway congestions.

On Crime:
I support our Governor's "10-20-Life" program.  Greater emphasis should be placed on rehabilitation.

On Florida's Department of Children and Families:
Improving this department could start with the interdiction process.  I prefer to try to keep the families together until all avenues and resources have been exhausted.  Separation of children should be the last resort, as this creates a hardship on the parents.  The trained professional should request in-house supervision and counseling.

Excerpts from Sun Sentinel Editorial Page Questionnaire

In light of current economic circumstances, how would you propose to support changes to the Bush Tax cut of 2001?
I will continue to support our working consumers' tax relief.

How can Congress help resolve the differences between environmentalists and commercial interests?
To fund the improvement of economically depressed areas, instead of creating new ones.

What role should congress play regarding a preemptive strike on Iraq?
Congress will assemble to examine the mounting evidence to determine if the leader of Iraq has and will fund weapons of mass destruction.  "We the People" must support the ousting of international criminals.