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The Remedy Session
Alex Osuna Drums
Chris Polito Vox, Gtr
Lori Marsh Vox, Gtr

This trio rocks HARD, and they're developing an impressive catalog of songs. They've got a real melodic sense in the Buzzcocks school of power pop/punk rock.

The live shows are infectious fun and it's hard to keep your eyes off Osuna as she nearly demolishes her drums. The front-line of Polito and Marsh are really starting to work together vocally. With a handful of truly memorable songs and a busy live schedule, this band is working hard to make sure that music fans in South Florida mark their calendars whenever the band is coming their way. A recent stretch of shows with Dashboard Confessional (including the House of Blues show) really seemed to boost the band's confidence and tighten their sound.

The band just celebrated the release of its full-length recording, The Remedy Session, at the Surf Cafe in Boca Raton. It was recorded at the Dungeon with Jeremy Dubois. They started their own label, Recovery Records, with Alexia (Distant Rise Records) after weighing a number of options for the first full length. They plan to keep playing as often as possible and are looking forward to a few dates with Hey Mercedes. -by Jim Doherty.

Listen to the Remedy Session:
The Final Failure

Pank Shovel
Genny Slag and Kristen Kelly Lead Vox
Marz Mikeo
Shannon Lindner
James (Bam-Bam) Washington

PANK SHOVEL'S music is as unique as its members. Their sound is a Punk Rock/Hip-Hop hybrid that crosses boundaries and challenges the genre's traditional misogynistic stereotypes. Their songs strong lyrical content describes real life experiences with childlike imagination.

The band is cultivating a strong following in S. Florida playing the club circuit and getting regular airplay on 92.1 Planet's Native Noise show, 94.9 ZETA and Radio X (NSU). Their eighteen song epic debut #1 Car, is available on label.

The Yoko Theory
Henry Lemaire Gtr and Vox
Chris Sargeant Drums
Jason Boynton Bass
Nathan Farnham Keyboards, Trombone, Sampler, Turntables, Harmonica, and Melodica

Two parts Soul Coughing, one part old school Police, a dash of The Avalanches, a pinch of The Specials, and a liberal dose of psychedelia. The combination may sound jarring at first, but it works!

Nathan Farnham's fervor belies his mere twenty-three years. After playing trombone for Double Agent, Farnham became disenchanted with the confines of ska music and sought to create a band that would allow him to experiment more freely. Although he's a confessed vinyl junkie and child of hippie parents, his outlook is frighteningly rational.

"It's all been done before," he says. "All music trends come around full circle. It's not about all of that. Just be true to the music."

And if Yoko Theory is ANYTHING, the band is true to what they are. Their latest release, Stereopathic, features a head-bobbing summer sound ideal for South Florida, and a diverse pastiche of frenetic lyrics, vintage samples, and tight percussion. The album was recorded over a two-month period with Mike Fuller, who formerly worked with 2 Live Crew.

Yoko Theory have sharpened their skills by continuously playing live, from one to five times weekly in Palm Beach, establishing a following while perfecting their stage show. Look for them every other Thursday at Dada in Delray Beach for a taste of their feel-good sound. They are currently receiving airplay on Planet Radio, have a connection at Columbia Records, and had a 45 released in Jamaica on Tough Gong (Bob Marley's label). Southeast tour to commence in six months. -by Erica Boynton

Doorway 27
Bryan Wohlust Vox
Max Fraser Bass
Chris Cartrett Gtr
Angel Lozada Drums

In the spring of 1996 the hand of fate brought 4 individuals an event that would change their lives forever. The conception of Doorway 27 in June of 1996 created a much needed and well-deserved emotional outlet for these four young South Florida musicians.

Angel Luis Lozada, a veteran drummer from area bands Spice and Green Eden, hails from Santurce Puerto Rico. Angels' Latin-jazz style is a prominent force in the structure of Doorway 27's writing. Chris Cartrett, lead guitars, and Bryan Wohlust, lead vocals & keyboards, from West Palm Beach's "Box" (91-93), lay down the melodies and harmonies of this unique quartet who have been compared to the likes of U2, 311, and Incubus to name just a few. The inevitable last ingredient belonged to the punch-crush sound of Max Fraser on bass, a long awaited newcomer completing the sound that has come to be known as Doorway 27.

Listen to Doorway 27:
Collide Again

One Dog's Opinion
Jonathon Dale Drums
Bobby Pignato Gtr and Vox
Mark Parenti Bass

A quick review of One Dog's Opinion the band. Originally formed in 1992 as a punk/rock band. Influenced by the likes of Husker Du, and The Replacements, a melodic punk/alternative sound had emerged. Then, seeing the flood of Nirvana/Green Day wannabee's in the mid 90's.O'dogs set out to shake the locals up some. A new "country" influence had begun to invade their writing. And with the arrival of Johnny in 1995, the sound was complete.

The original ODO played together for about 2 years. The second line-up lasted 7 years until the departure of Robert (bass) in January of 2002. But, what a run the band had during those years. Opening for such acts as Southern Culture On The Skids, and The Meat Puppets.releasing 2 cd's..playing numerous festivals(including 3 years in a row at CityLink), and countless local bars and clubs we even made it to New York City. YEEHAW!!!! Now, with Rob stepping back into the band just long enough to play a couple of gigs....we're embarking on our "farewell" tour of WPB. Four shows in four months. A final chance to say goodbye to all our fans, and say Thanks to all the club owners for supporting us. So in closing, we have constantly strived to bring something "Y'allternative" to the masses.

Listen to One Dog's Opinion:

Angel in My Eyes

Miracle Strip
Todd Harter Bass
Rob Nieminen Drums
Chris Wood Gtr, Vox
John Stepp Lead Gtr, Vox, Harmonica, Slide Gtr

Miracle Strip is a new name for a group of seasoned West Palm all-stars that have played together in some form for nearly a decade.

Rob and Chris formed the band Double Stack Scoobie in 1992 and have played together off and on since then. (Rob is currently drumming full-time with Vinyl.) When the original members of Double Stack Scoobie split up, Chris got together with John Stepp, who has fronted his own project since 2000 after playing with Vinyl in 1999, and Todd Harter, who has played bass with Maryann Flemming and The John Stepp Band. The name was shortened to Double Stack and they incorporated old songs with new songs written by Chris & John during two years of collaboration as roommates. There was a short hiatus during which time the songs that now fuel Miracle Strip were written. The four came back strong in August 2002 with the same energy and skill that have kept audiences coming back year after year.

Plan on hearing a few favorites along with a completely new set. According to John, "Miracle Strip is a project for four best friends to get together, play great music, and still maintain other musical interests". Their style has been influenced by: the Lemonheads, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Sugar, Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Jeff Buckley and the Replacements.. There is something for everyone who enjoys great guitar playing and beautiful vocal harmonies.

Venusian Skyline
Alan Martin Gtr, Vox
Scott Martin Keyboards
Scott Poyer Drums
Bruce Reed Bass

If this Vero-based band were a baby, it would barely be walking by now. But Venusian Skyline, formed in October of 2001, is already on its feet and waiting to walk out the door this September when it releases Twilight, its first CD, and follows with an East Coast tour.

"When we started the band, we wanted to write dark, pretty, interesting music. Venus is that kind of dark planet, and a skyline is a typically pretty thing."

Begun by Scott and Alan Martin (formerly of Dark Angel Devine), Venusian Skyline is with Boca-based Undecided Records. The band just recorded their five-track EP at Phase in Washington D.C., where they worked with indie jetsetter J. Robbins, who's also produced for Jawbox and Burning Airlines. Bassist Bruce Reed describes the Venusian sound as "psychedelic, mostly because we use the organ. We have an ethereal feel.

With a rigorous practice and touring schedule, Venusian Skyline is self-defined and self-sufficient. And it's starting to pay off. In addition to the release on September 3, the band goes on tour on September 25. "Our plan is to go on the road and never come off," says Reed, who joined the band straight out of high school. "We want to be one of those bands that's constantly touring. That's what makes bands big. The more you play, the better you are." -by Marli Guzzetta

Keith Michaud Vox, Gtr
Michael Dever Gtr
Gary Baris Bass
Craig Moree Drums

Maypop was formed in March 2001 by ex-members of some of South Florida's favorite rock bands including The Waking Universe, Feels Like Poetry and Meltswing. The resulting collaboration is powerful, melodic, indie rock.

With influences ranging from the Foo Fighters and Jimmy Eat World to Radiohead and Wilco, each member drives the music in a different direction while, at the same time, constantly moving forward. Their music is full of genuine emotion and just enough pop to stick in your head, and in your stereo, for days. MAYPOP has already secured their place in the South Florida music scene having played extensively over the past year in clubs from Miami to Orlando. They released their first EP, the self-titled Maypop, in February 2002 to an eager public, selling out of the initial pressing soon after its release. The band recently completed a tour of the Southeast playing shows along the Gulf Coast and throughout Texas.

Maypop is currently working on new songs and will be recording in November. Their new project is tentatively scheduled for release in January 2003.

Listen to Maypop:

Rock (Sick of It)

See Venus
Rocky Ordonez
Vox and Gtr
Chris Moll Gtr
Eric Rasco Bass
Eddie Alonso
Keyboards, Samplers, Trumpets

See Venus has undoubtedly won the hearts of many South Florida indie fans with their catchy take on electro-pop, featuring swirling keyboards, lazy guitar lines, and seductive vocals. Their triumphs are doubly sweet, as the members have admittedly always made music solely for themselves, with hardly any expectations. Former member of local favorite 23, Chris Moll started the project in 2000 as an outlet for his highly developed dexterity in songwriting and guitar-playing. Calling upon influences as varied as the Beach Boys, Stereolab, and Pizzicato Five, See Venus manages to remain eclectic without seeming disheveled and will undeniably keep you dancing.

Two of the key elements to See Venus's success are the band members' true collaboration on music and the members' involvement with side projects. See Venus has developed by leaps and bounds, growing into a more organic, orchestral sound instead of relying substantially on samples and loops as on their first EP. Their new sound, displayed on the long-awaited release of their untitled first full-length album, is infinitely fuller and more mature, auguring the applause they will doubtlessly receive. New Times has named them Best Indie Band, 2001 and 2002. They are tentatively scheduled to play CMJ in October. -by Erica Boynton

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