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  Midland County Sheriff's Office train crash

Video shows a Midland County Sheriff's Office vehicle being hit by a train.

  Family questions hospital, police in fetal abduction case

Cook County Sheriff to investigate hospital where Marlen Ochoa-Lopez's baby was brought; family demands answers about the hospital's actions.

  Funnel clouds form near Crescent, OKla.

Severe weather and possible tornadoes forecast in and around Oklahoma City.

  Ultraprocessed foods add 500 calories daily

Less-expensive, easier-to-prepare ultraprocessed foods can make you fat, a new study says.

  Neighborhood gawks at bear in tree

Arlington. Mass., bear relocated after being tranquilized, climbing down a tree.

  Woman scoops up 4-year-old boy at CA McDonald's

A McDonald’s security video shows a woman casually scooping up a 4-year-old boy and calmly walking out of the restaurant with him.

  Mom confronts daughter's bullies on school grounds

After her daughter started crying and admitted she thought about suicide because of bullying, a mom marched into her classroom to confront the bullies.

  Gov. Ivey signs near-total abortion ban

  Witness describes how a helicopter crashed into the Hudson River

Eyewitness Ashton Byrd talks about the moment he saw a helicopter go into the Hudson River.

  Helicopter crashes into Hudson River

Cell phone video showing the moment a helicopter crashed Wednesday into the Hudson River in New York

  Pedestrian mall parking lot construction wraps up soon

  Texas woman killed in officer-involved shooting

A Texas officer shot and killed a woman. The incident was caught on video.

  Maryville College student graduates through adversity

A Maryville College student struggled and survived through illness. Through it all, she got her degree.

  Florida man stands through sunroof while driving 100 mph

The Florida Highway Patrol pulled 70-year-old Leonard Olsen after he was veering from lane to lane, sometimes driving over 100 mph.

  Woman survives being crushed by tree

The tree crashed on top of Bridgette Moses, breaking nine bones and one of her legs in 10 places.