Coach disarms school gunman with hug

The encounter from May takes place on a security video released Friday by the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office.

  Tornado spawned by Nestor causes damage in Florida

Tornado touches down in central Florida as the center of Tropical Storm Nestor moves across portions of the state.

  Grieving family in dispute with homeowners association over flagpole

Leslie and Dave Kendra installed the flagpole in tribute to Clayton Parks, who was killed in a shooting spree in the Chicago suburb of Aurora in February.

  Twin babies delivered by twin nurses

By chance, the twin nurses Tori Howard and Tara Drinkard got to help deliver twins Addison and Emma Williams.

  Woman calls from the luggage compartment of a moving bus

The 32-year-old from Long Beach, N.Y., spent about 30 miles in the vehicle’s undercarriage before authorities found the bus and pulled it over.

  Lion cub pounces on mom at zoo in Scotland

The video shows mama lion, Roberta, trying to keep watch over her three cubs. But as all moms know, it’s tough to keep an eye on everyone all the time.

  Former Ambassador Yovanovitch arrives on Capitol Hill

The ambassador, Marie Yovanovitch, is scheduled to testify before congressional lawmakers on Friday as part of the House impeachment inquiry into President Dona

  Telsa cars could soon make lots of crazy noises

Elon Musk wants the world to hear his cars make sounds like horses, goats, and farts.

  Hungry chickens clean up crickets in Texas schoolyard

Got crickets? No problem as hungry hens eat their weight in the little buggers.

  Study: Global warming threatens nearly 2/3 of birds

The research comes after a report published last month that showed the United States and Canada had lost 2.9 billion birds in the last 50 years.

  Authorities confiscate $2.2 million in fake Nikes

The street value of the faux cargo is estimated at more than $2.2 million.

  Woman receives sexually harassing messages on flight

The 24-year-old paralegal took pictures of the messages and posted them to Twitter.

  Dual tire gets loose on I-55 in Jackson

  Paint cows like zebras to avoid fly bites, study suggests

The black-and-white cows suffered nearly 50% fewer bites, researchers found.

  Get a dog if you want to live longer

A recent University of Toronto study shows dog owners had a 24% lower risk of dying early.

  Alex Trebek on his cancer battle

Trebek, who’s hosted "Jeopardy!" for 35 years and more than 8,000 episodes, is undergoing chemotherapy for stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

  More store closings for Bed Bath and Beyond

The troubled retailer said this week that it will close another 20 stores, in addition to the 40 announced in April.

  Viral subway singer meets officer who recorded her

The homeless woman who has been getting offers of help after being filmed singing in the subway meets the officer who filmed her.


  Authorities confiscate $2.2 million in fake Nikes

The street value of the faux cargo is estimated at more than $2.2 million.

  McNeese coach Justin Hill reflects on 2019