Tracking the Tropics

  Lizards are taking over where Hurricane Michael hit last year

  Tropical Storm Humberto forms near Bahamas

Travel agents advise vacationers not to postpone trips to the Bahamas, tourism dollars needed

Relief group clears red tape by bringing Bahamian customs agents to Stuart hangar

  Dorian’s floodwaters trap people in attics in North Carolina

Grand Celebration cruise ship with supplies from Palm Beach County arrives in Bahamas

Cruise ship departs Port of Palm Beach, headed to Grand Bahamas for humanitarian relief after Dorian

‘Unity in the wake of disaster’ sparks sisterhood

  Dorian grazes Carolina coast, aims for Outer Banks

Most area schools back in session Thursday


Walmart to quit selling e-cigarettes amid vaping backlash

Condo association tells woman her Bahamian friends displaced by Dorian aren’t welcome

A woman trying to take in long time family friends who were displaced from the Bahamas by Hurricane Dorian, is being told by her condo association that it’s against rules, and if she keeps it up, she’ll start getting daily fines.